Overheard as a visibly-intoxicated man with over-long fingers lectures a cat with faintly glowing yellow eyes

Oh, go shove it. Most of the local folks don’t care much about what happens between upstairs and downstairs.

…Okay, that’s a lie.

We care plenty, we just…ignore it. Eh. That’s not quite right either. Look, the big dust up between the Divine and Infernal is all well and good, but it isn’t like it is anything new. They’ve been fighting for so long it just sort of drifts into the background. Sure, sometimes one of the local players gets recruited to one side or the other, but less and less these days. And both sides have avoided the sort of knock down drag out fight that got all the splashy press early on for years. So if the neighbors want to engage in a quiet war that mostly ignores us, we’re fine with mostly ignoring them. It’s not like we don’t have our own problems.

Things are changing, and far too quick for most of our liking. Humans are multiplying and spreading so fast these days. It is hard to find a place to call your own. Harder still to keep it. And it isn’t just competition among ourselves we need to worry about. More and more mortals have learned the Music over the generations. Sure, they may not be operating on the same level as we are, but they can also walk down the street without a second glance, and there are a lot more streets than there used to be.

So no, I don’t particularly care which angel beat up which devil this week. I’m too busy trying to hold on to my livelihood while everything falls apart around me. Or changes faster than I can keep up with. Which might as well be the same thing…