The state of the universe, as described by Emmanuel Hawthorne, an avowed white shirt

Maybe the universe was stable once. Maybe it could continue without help. A watch that could wind itself or a stream that flowed from the source without interruption.

But that was before. Before the Divine war. Before God’s mind was divided. Angels, the big ones, I mean, are more than just enforcers, administrators, or functionaries. Each one represents a concept of God; a portion, a self-contained thought or intention given personality, will, and drive. So yeah, maybe the universe worked the way that it was supposed to before the split. I dunno. I wasn’t around then.

What I do know is that now days, we need to help things out. Nudge things along, so to speak. Keep the spring wound. To do so, we sing. Sure, it might sound frivolous at first, but like the good book says “be filled with the Spirit; Speaking to yourself in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.” We sing, play, give thanks, and raise our voice to the Lord. We know him, and in doing so, he knows us. We lend our small strength to him, filling in some of the gap left behind by the absence of those rebellious Archangels. Now I’m not saying that we are in any way equal to the personification of Divine will, but even a drop of water can cut through the hardest rock eventually. The more that hear, the more that know, and well that sort of…reinforces things. Keeps the water flowing, so to speak. Keeps everyone on the same page in terms of what is real and what isn’t. Or rather, what shouldn’t be real.