Specific Inspirations

Carnivale (TV Show)
Neverwhere (Book)
American Gods (Book)
Good Omens (Book)
Last Fair Deal Gone Down (Intercon Larp)
The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus (Movie)
The Night Circus (Book)
Sleep No More (Theater experience type…thing)
Unknown Armies (RPG)
In Nomine (RPG)
Tom Waits, mostly from The Black Rider on (Awesome)
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Movie)
The Dust Bowl (Documentary)
Tales of the Callamo Mountains (Short Story Anthology)
Razorback (Short Story)
Jackalope Wives (Short Story)
Phonogram (Comic)
The Photography of Dorothea Lange

Broad Inspirations

Gnosticism and other apocrypha
The Americana music genre (a catch-all mix of alt-country, bluegrass, blues, and folk)
Harmonices Mundi and the Platonic world view
Urban legends & American folklore
Literary genres: magical realism, urban fantasy, noir, gothic

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