We want to create a game that’s welcoming to all. In keeping with Accelerant rules and common decency, no intolerant, harassing or discriminatory speech or actions are allowed at our game in any capacity. We acknowledge that the time period that inspired our game was one of deep racial and societal injustice. Our ban on offensive remarks is not intended to erase or romanticize that past, but to make this game welcoming to all players.  

We do not want to engage in historical erasure by failing to acknowledge the injustices of the time period that inspired our game.  At the same time, we do not want to engage in cultural appropriation with regards to the stories we tell. Furthermore, we understand that attempting to portray the discrimination rampant during this time period in a LARP setting, no matter our intentions, seriously risks being traumatizing or disrespectful.  As such, we will not be mining these topics for game material.  We will work with each player to create a character that is right for them, avoiding personal triggers and harmful content.  In the interest of avoiding historical erasure, we will provide historical information on the issues of the time period in out-of-game documents.

In response to concerns raised by the community, we’ve made a number of changes to our game, including moving the setting, changing some of the musical content, and adopting the policies above. However, we acknowledge that addressing these issues is a process, not a series of boxes to be checked.  We still have work to do and may still make mistakes. As always, if you have any concerns, we invite you to reach out to us privately or publicly.  We are here to work with you to make this game better for you and our community.

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